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Earthy Bamboo Slicker Brush(sets or singles)

Earthy Bamboo Slicker Brush(sets or singles)

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Show-Class Pet Bamboo Slicker Brush 

Well-chosen pet grooming brush for groomers & competitions

Bamboo slicker brush function highlight:

1. Professionally carding pet hair
2. Making pet hair more fluffy
3. Grooming pet hair to smooth
This brush is not only a brush, but a art work.
Lets find the mystery of this slicker brush.
  • Natural Bamboo material, using 5 year grown and recycled Bamboo
  • 135 degree double layer
  • Soft yet rigid needles 
  • Elastic rubber air cushion
  • Massages & smooths 
  • Stainless steel pins, grinded by hand
  • Handmade
  • Polished 22x
  • Vent hole design maintains air pressure balance between air cushion and air

Choose from a set option or a single brush:

  • Mini slicker (2.5”x 1.75”x6”)
  • Medium slicker (3.5”x2”x6”)
  • Large slicker (5”x2.25”x6.25”)

 Environmental raw materials:

1. Natural bamboo: 5-year old bamboo, polished with 22 processes, each brush has distinctive grain and luster. Its unique aroma improves the product grade; The bamboo is not easy to mildew and moth;
2. Stainless steel needles: Φ0.25mm steel pins with 135°angle, doing well in going deep into the coat, better grooming angle;
3. Rubber needle pad: rubber air cushion increase the resilience of grooming, reduce the fatigue of groomers wrists and prevent accidental injury to pet skin.
Work of ingenuity
Three sizes meet your various demands.
Small size: 68x148mm      Medium size: 92x150mm      Large size: 122x155mm
Designed and Produced by the champion of competition level pet grooming tools.
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