Harebone Shears Mail in Sharpening
Attention 25% of customers fail to provide return information and contact name and cell. Put cell number on outside of box. See below for packing instructions and video.
Put name and cell phone number on box
 10 days round trip with mail time . Currently really fast turn around.
Scissors: $18.00 per pair (Includes convex, chunker ,thinners, lefty, curve, and super curve)
Blades: $9 (Includes 5 in 1 blades)
Only use USPS only option P.O. Box delivery. No other carrier can
ship priority mail.  Priority boxes are free from post office, they work best. Please call or text when shipped. 618-531-3701
Pay when works completed. Invoiced with PayPal. Guest checkout with debit or 
credit also.
Harebone Shears
P.O. Box 372
Troy IL 62294
Save the shipping receipt for tracking.  Tape all seams of the box or envelope well with packing tape. Wrap everything in newspaper. Including scissors . Fill any extra space in box with crumbled newspaper. Everyone has access to newspaper. Shake box and test for no rattle
Medium flat rate box seems best. Wrap blades in newspaper towels and pad with newspaper. Tape good with packing tape. Best to stop at post first grab box and pack at home. Free boxes out front at Post Office.
Video for packing