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Harebone Shears

New Moon Long Tine Slicker Brush “ The Doodle”

New Moon Long Tine Slicker Brush “ The Doodle”

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Show-Class Curved Series Pet Slicker Brush

Five minutes daily grooming, take good care of pets.

Curved back, soft needle slicker brush, for long and fluffy coats. Improves  pets' coat and skin condition. A doodle or long hair pet must have tool!

  • 2 color options : pink or sea foam(teal)
  • Lightweight reduces fatigue when grooming 
  • Curved back design suitable for pets' close fitting back, buttocks, and neck
  • 7"x4"x1 3/4"
  • Long tines, 1” needle tines
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Deep-coated combing 
  • Untangling hair knots efficiently
  • For dense hair
  • C-Shape smooth surface design 
  • Convenient and labor saving
  • Ridged handle for secure grip
  • Grooming and hair knot untangling 
  • Long tines go depth of coat
  • Suitable for medium and large dogs hard or thick hair
  • Makes hair more fluffy 
  • Let’s pets enjoy grooming 
  • Greatly reduces brush times
  • Improving coat and skin condition in pets.
  • Legendary New Moon Brush
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