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Harebone Shears

New Moon Short Tine Slicker Brush, “The Doodle”

New Moon Short Tine Slicker Brush, “The Doodle”

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  Curved back, hard pin design helps to untangle knots easily and improves pets' coat and skin condition. 

  • Sea foam(teal)
  • Lightweight reduces fatigue when grooming 
  • Curved back design suitable design for pets close fitting back buttocks and neck
  • 7"x4"x1 3/4"
  • Short tines, 1/2” needle tines
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Deep-Coated combing 
  • Untangling hair knots efficiently
  • C-Shape smooth surface design 
  • Convenient And labor saving
  • Ridged Handle for secure grip
  • Makes hair more fluffy 
  • Let’s pets enjoy grooming 
  • Greatly reduces brush times
  • Improving coat and skin condition in pets.
  • Legendary New Moon Brush. 
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