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Harebone Shears

New Moon Competition Grade Slicker Brush, "Sapele Natural Mars"

New Moon Competition Grade Slicker Brush, "Sapele Natural Mars"

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Known for its natural Sapele wood like color that appears in the very crust of Mars, this slicker brush is out of this world, entering into another galaxy! 
  • Super soft pin cushion
  • Best for smaller breeds and puppies
  • Hilt shaped handle
  • Makes hair extra fluffy
  • Competition grade in grooming hair
  • Groomer's insight: I’m super picky about brushes, and this new edition of the mars slicker from New Moon Scissors-Harebone Harrison is my new favorite! It’s awesome for smaller breed dogs that are too sensitive for my longer pinned slickers, but pins are long enough to get all the way through the coat. The pins are super comfortable against the skin and don’t scratch or brush burn. I love using this brush for fluffing ears, faces, and feet. While a lot of short pin slickers are only good for fluffing and don’t get through tangles very well, this brush makes quick work of all over brushouts and the dogs are so much more comfortable than with other brushes I’ve used. "

** Red Mars slicker brush pictured to show detail 

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